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Paintings Mith & Legend

The Quest for the Golden Fleece (El Vellocino de Oro).
Dedicated to all human beings commited to a quest.
Riders on the Storm.
Dedicated to The Doors.
The door to the inner garden.
Travel: "Every travel begins long before its begining" (E.Gimeno) 2002
Travel 2: Monikaki-San collection.
Sumi-E Style - Traditional Horse theme 2002
The Tyde... Hove Sea front in a growing moon night. References... Anthony Vandyke, Hokusai. 2003
Lares y Penates. The deities that inhabit every home. 2004
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, or the journey along a whisky bottle. 2004
Vortex 1. Mr G. Kerevanian collection. 2006
Arriving the Island.
Dedicated to the mediterranean peoples. 2005
Souls. Dedicated to souls of human beings, which have to find their way through this life. 2005
Minotauro facing theseus
(this picture was actually painted with picments based on bull blood). 2006